New Trend of Hot Sell Products in 2018

With the dropshipping model, e-commerce seller can test first and determine to choose what kinds of products for selling. Start with running a regular online store, then look for the best-selling product from the sales data. To fine the best-selling product is not easy, but it’s half-done once you’ve found it, and can get a big sale from it. Let’s take a look at the trend of hot sales products of 2018.

1. Shapewear

By 2022, the global market for Shapewear is expected to soar to nearly $ 5.6 billion. Corset types in the market have transitioned from underwear to daily wear. In 2018, e-commerce sellers can offer females a variety of different styles of underwear, such as underwear or daily wear. The figure below shows the trend of shapewear from 2004 to the present.

2. Mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories industry has been growing in recent years, and by 2022 the market value will reach of 107.3 billion U.S. dollars. Mobile phone cases, phone ring, phone protective film, cell phone repair kits, chargers and headphones and other mobile phone accessories have been very popular.

Mobile phone accessories is a reliable and growing demand for products, it is very likely to become like fashion, home decoration and fitness which are always favorite products for customer. The following is the phone grip from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

3. Sports and leisure clothes

In recent years, sportwear is the fashion trend. In this category, sellers can sell sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, vests, headbands, hats and shoes in a variety of colors and styles of sports and leisure apparel. With selling such products, sellers will have the opportunity to expand to the other field, such as fashion accessories, jewelry or yoga mats and other fitness accessories. The following is the athleisure (sportswear) from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

4. Eyelash serum

In the category of beauty products, there are some eyelash related products, such as eyelash growth liquid, fake eyelashes and grafted eyelashes, performed well in the e-commerce industry and were also increasingly popular in product searches. This niche product is most suitable for sale in the beauty shop as a series. The following is the eyelash serum (eyelash growth fluid) from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

5. Pet product

The closer the relationship between animals and human beings make these pet owners are keen to add a variety of items to their beloved pets. This is evidenced by the fact that the pet products were increasing rapidly in Christmas in 2017. If you are considering adding a few pet products to enrich your category in 2018, the following products are worth considering: Pet Leash Umbrella,Smart Pet Feeder, 360 Degree Pet Shower, Pet Toys& Clothes….

6. Simple style watch

Global annual sales of watch is nearly 1.2 billion US dollars, the figure is still rising. For each year, December is usually the watch hot sales season. Facebook and Instagram are the best promotional channels for selling sellers watches. Many top watch brands publish images of products on social media to promote product sales and sellers can also follow suit.

The following is the trend of the search volume of minimalist watches from 2004 to the present:

7. Handbag&Backpack

Global handbags and backpack market have value of 151 billion US dollars, the seller can sell the product types include backpacks, handbags, men’s bags, wallets and handbags. It is understood that when returning to school, consumers buy the most is the backpack. Sellers can also add other accessories in the shop, such as sunglasses, to promote full-year sales.

Sellers can also sell backpacks in multiple directions, such as focusing on travel, schools, and fashion, offering users a variety of options. The following is the backpack (backpack) from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

8. Sleep mask

Sleep mask sales has been rising in e-commerce selling. If you have a travel-related product store, you can sell sleep mask , earbuds and other travel-related accessories. If you own a beauty shop, you can also sell sleep mask with skin care products. There are three main categories of sleep goggles: light sleepers, travelers and beauty lovers. Sellers can promote products based on the needs of different customers. The following is the Sleep mask from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

9. Portable LED Projector

It is estimated that the market value of portable projectors will reach 3.44 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Some mini projectors can be connected to the cellphone for easy use. If the seller intends to sell projector products, you can choose to sell mini projectors, handheld projectors, lighting / laser projectors. Moreover, such products can also be sold in electronics, home or outdoor products stores.

The following is the LED Portable Projectors (portable LED projector) from 2004 to the current search volume trends:

10. Flame Lights

Flame lights have recently been continuing to grow on the e-commerce platform. At present, the product is not sold by many sellers. For selling such products, sellers generally do not need to establish a specialized shop, just put it in home decoration or lighting products category. Sellers can also use LED candle lights to do additional sales. Google Trends search data also shows that the search for flame light is also increasing.

In conclusion, these are the worthy selling product list in 2018, in addition to the above products, seller still has many choices. But finding something worth selling is only part of the e-commerce sales, the key is to know how to market the product.

All of above is just for reference, seller can also search the hot selling product according to platform selling data and buyer habits. Best wishes to everyone in the coming 2018 year.

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