How to Prepare for 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday

Many dropshipping sellers sell products based on Chinese suppliers like Aliexpress, Banggood, Chinabrands…..And now the Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon, all the suppliers will close the stores and stop to ship products. This will affect many dropshipping sellers that depend on Chinese suppliers. Now let’s see how to handle your business and get through this holiday periods.
Time of Chinese New Year in 2018
Chinese New Year is on Feb, 16th this year. And usually people will take more than a week off for the holiday and reunite with family. Some may off work a few days before the New Year. Then they will gradually slow down their production and business, extent the shipping date for orders, this may also show on platform announcement, or supplier store page.
How to Prepare for Chinese New Year Holiday ?
Since Chinese suppliers will extent their shipping delivery , so you can make some adjustment on your shipping description in advance.1. Contact your suppliers for the news of the Spring Festival holiday; 2. Adjust your stock and shipping time according to the arrangement during the Spring Festival and stocking period of supplier sites, properly set up your product stocking time; 3. Contact source suppliers in advance to confirm whether they will normally handle orders and shipment during or after the Spring Festival.
Is it necessary to close store?
Actually if you have gone through Chinese New Year holiday before, you already know how to handle this issue, there is no need to close all your stores. Also if you have source products from other suppliers except for China, you can still run your business for other products, this will be a good time for you to get more sales as many sellers stop selling due to the holiday.
On average, Chinese suppliers will take a week or 2 weeks off. You can check your best selling products for daily orders, and then make sure that you know when they will be in stock for selling, then you can adjust your available stock time or add more dates on the delivery time. Make sure that your customers know it and willing to wait for the products in a specific date.
Or you can choose to hide your products . Under“Store vacation settings”, there is a choice : Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings. This option only can hide you fixed-price products, so buyers will not see them. Remember: if you also have auction products, they still can be seen and purchased.
If you want to close your store, here are some ways to help you to set your stores on ‘‘Holiday Mode’’( if you have a store). When you set it up, the holiday leave information will show on products details page, and you can also write your own message for the holiday to show on your store homepage.
For eBay:Take eBay US as example, log in your eBay account, and follow the step to set up holiday mode:1. Click My eBay> Messages> click ‘Change Setting’ on the right top side
2. choose ‘ out of office email response’ , and then turn it on.
Then you have already set up your store on holiday mode. You can choose the start date and the end date, and then write your own inform message to buyers. (includes reply time for buyer email, proper shipping date and in-stock date) . This will help to decrease the rate of bad shopping experience for buyers when they see the notice message.
For Shopify&WooCommerce
You can hide you products for a period, and wait for your suppliers get back from holiday, you can relist your products for selling again. ShopMaster has a Bulk Action, pls go to Listings> Shopify Active, and choose products, then click Bulk Action> Hidden, you can hide all your products, so buyers can not see and purchase those products.
For Wish
If the seller wants to use “Holiday Mode” on the Wish Platform, they can click “Account> Settings> Holiday Mode” to end all the products in Wish stores immediately. During this time, your products will not be purchased by Wish users.When the “holiday mode” is started: 1. all products listed will display as “sold out” status in the 1 hour ; 2. sellers are responsible for handling orders before “holiday mode” . When “holiday mode” is over: 1. Wish users can continue to buy products from your store; 2. Wish will show the true inventory for seller listings within one hour; 3. can not guarantee that the customer collection and sales history will remain as previous amount.
Business will go back to normal about a week or two after Chinese New Year for most suppliers. Some suppliers might be off a little longer. It depends on individual. You’ll need to contact your suppliers directly if you want more information.Since Chinese suppliers will be off for at least a week, there will be a delay of orders. You’ll want to take notice of orders and keep customers informed throughout the process. Please remember to remind your customers via email of delays as soon as they place their orders. Send automated emails to them will ensure they get the messages in time and customers will realize their orders will arrive more than 2 weeks later.

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