Eight New Trends to Occupying the Market of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quite around the corner, if you still think that this day only belongs to couples, then you are wrong. People have already begun to express their love to friends and pets through this day, and even buy gifts for their own on this day.

What does this mean for the seller? It means giving consumers more diverse choices of gift than ever before. Data shows that before the Valentine’s Day, selling site like Etsy, the search volume of jewelry, paper, party supplies, bathing and beauty product categories surged. Sellers can fully prepare those relevant categories to meet the Valentine’s Day of this year. The following trends of Valentine’s Day which sellers need to know:

1. Pay Attention to the Time Node

As shown below, Etsy consumers usually search for Valentine’s Day gifts from early January, and the search volume will reach its peak in late January and early February.

Now that you can start to post some Valentine’s Day gifts to attract the first batch of shoppers of Valentine’s Day. Be sure to keep your inventory in mid-February, after all there are always still some consumers like to buy items in the last minute. Providing gift wrapping and quick shipping will earn you more consumers and sales. Please also be sure to include a photo of the gift wrap in the product listing to make sure the color of the package matches the festive mood (throw away your Christmas gift wrap).

2. 2018 Valentine’s Day Trend

The following forecasts, based on industry trends and 2017 Valentine’s Day data, suggest the following topics in your store will help you win the hearts of many types of consumers: (1) The theme “Although there is no lover’s sweet talk, but you can indulge a Valentine’s Day to comfort yourself,” This is the voice of many shoppers, with the holiday they can relax, soak a luxurious bath and eat dinner . ‘‘Treating yourself’’ comes from a 2011 TV show called ‘‘Parks and Recreation’’, which now has evolved into the pursuit of self-love in deeper level. People are eager to relax and think quietly, then stay away from all kinds of electronic devices and all kinds of worrisome news temporarily on the festival day.

(2) The theme of “Women’s Rights”

In 2017, Women’s March has aroused people’s interests in various forms of expressions of women’s rights and these interests are still continuing. This Valentine’s Day, people look forward to seeing the products include positive transmission of gender equality and women’s rights. Millennial fans will continue to catch on irresistibly.

(3) The theme of “Long Live Friendship”

The theme of “Galentine’s Day” also comes from the TV show “Parks and Recreation”, which means that single girls get together and enjoy on this day, delivering information of being single still can be happy on Valentine’s Day.

Girls will hold parties on this day, send gifts and flowers to each other. With the development trend of women’s rights and self-care, gift- giving by yourself , 2018’s Galentine’s Day will get more and more attention. At the same time, the emergence of Galentine’s Day increases more intense atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, and make this festival becomes more grand than ever before. In addition to girlfriends, other people,colleagues and children also celebrate this day, and even send gifts to teachers to express gratitude.

3. New Engagement Ring

From the end of 2017 to February is the peak of the engagement, people will find a unique engagement ring on line which will be a symbol of their love, and to express their commitment to the other. Classical single diamond has been replaced by some gem with strange shape. Compared to perfectly symmetrical diamonds, lovers prefer colorful gems. And some of the newer style of gemstone rings tend to be more affordable than traditional diamond rings, so young people are likely to keep buying new styles.

4. Seasonal Gifts

For people in cold areas, February should be better time to stay at home, and away from the cold. As a seller, you can cater to your customers’ preferences and prepare products that make it easy for people to nest around the fire and stay at home.

5. DIY handmade Products

Many shoppers want DIY gift, but suffer from no time, materials and workmanship. Seller can provide customized DIY materials, such as brochures, tool kits, etc. Which can help buyers easily to figure it out how to make a DIY gift. In addition to giving gifts to the other partner, shoppers can spend their Valentine’s Day with each other to make gifts. Surveys show that nearly a quarter of respondents said they plan to give the other half a different experience on Valentine’s Day instead of simply giving gifts.

6. Presents for Men

From historical data, during the Valentine’s Day, the search volume for male gifts is the most. Taking into account the purchase and sale of products, you can simply put on the relevant gift tags on men’s product listing, and match with the gift packaging options.

7. Products that show “Valentine’s Day Attitude”

People want to express their love on this day in unconventional ways, such as funny greeting cards and presents. People love those gift cards with funny and interesting greetings. “Naughty valentines card” is a popular search term for 2017 Valentine’s Day.

Some shoppers are more aggressive. They prefer gift cards with satirical greetings. Many anti-Valentine’s Day cards use a soft romantic color to match spicy words on the gift card.

8. Pet Lovers

As for pet lovers, seller can provide a stylish dog chain, pet clothing, chic water bowls or organic food. Of course, if you can, provide custom pet portraits can absolutely “grab” the pet lover’s heart.

There is still time, seller can start to prepare for Valentine’s Day and get a good sale from it!

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