Aliexpress 11.11 Global Shopping Carnival- Dropshipping with 72 hours delivery

Aliexpress 11.11 shopping festival is coming, are you ready?

Aliexpress 11.11 shopping festival, a worldwide shopping carnival, has already grown into a shopping festival that can compare with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Almost all the products will have great discounts on this day, some even up to 70% off! This year, except the discounts, what drop shippers should pay great attention to is the shipment policy implemented in the shopping festival.

As we all know, a long-time delivery can be a fatal problem for drop shippers. Because it causes a high return rate and frequency customer complain, which brings great loss to sellers. In order to a quick shipment, many drop shippers choose to drop ship from Amazon, which not only cost more but also the products’ price change frequently and stocks run out easily. Very inconvenient, isn’t it? Now, you got another choice – dropshipping from Aliexpress to eBay、Shopify、WooCommerce etc. with a “global village” shopping experience.

In order to improve worldwide customers’ shopping experience, Aliexpress implements different ways to shorten the delivery time. Delivery within 72 hours can be realized in half areas of Europe cities. Some core cities of Spain even can finish delivery in a day! More variety of products with lower price and cheaper logistic fees with quicker shipment methods provide a golden chance for worldwide drop shippers.

So, how drop shippers realize delivery within 72 hours for dropshipping from Aliexpress? The answer to this is simple. That is importing those products according to their ship from location. If you sell to American, then import products which shipped from American warehouse. Also, you can use ShopMaster to save your time and money in this aspect by setting the ship from preference.

For those who want to dropship to non-speaking English countries, one more step needs to be done. Selecting language preference to import the products. In this case, you can drop ship to different countries.

ShopMaster is the first official dropshipping partner of AliExpress and aims to help drop shippers start a profitable drop shipping business in a much simpler way. With the help of ShopMaster, you can set shipment from preference, which will allow you to import products only shipped from a certain country one by one or in bulk. What’s more, ShopMaster solves all the problems of dropshipping by providing some other awesome features:
 1、Price setting automatically
 2、Auto inventory&price monitor
 3、Auto-order fulfillment
 4、Auto-sync tracking numbers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday come after two weeks of Aliexpress 11.11 shopping festival. I believe this will be a warming up activity for your sale boom on the coming busy season of e-commerce.

This is the golden time for all drop shippers to realize the dropshipping dream in this precious busy season! Let’s go carnival!

ShopMaster Team

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