Black Friday Sales Boom-4 Tips to Dropshipping with the Newest Trends in 2018

One of the busiest seasons in 2018 is coming soon- Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are significant opportunities for the seller to increase annual revenue. You may think that it is too late to prepare for it. Actually no! You may choose to dropship with ShopMaster to get quick active listings and get rid of the risk of inventory and fulfillment. Now, boost your sales with these 4 tips.


Tip 1: Know what are the significant trends, styles and moment in 2018.
eBay’s 2018 shopping report has been released. As one of the world’s largest marketplace, eBay’s data can totally reflect what people focus on when they are shopping. Here are 18 items that top in eBay’s 2018 shopping report. You may get some inspiration about finding your niche through these trends, styles and moment. Now let’s have a look

Data comes from eBay
To get more information about the report of eBay’s 2018 shopping report, you can refer to:
Tip 2 Know what are selling hot in the different market.
According to the data from US Direct, the most popular categories in The United State are:
  • Women Apparel
  • Men’s Apparel
  • Outdoors
  • Home and grocery
  • Gifts
  • Baby
According to some research, 86% of the netizens of The United Kingdom enjoy shopping online. Now, UK has been the most potential market among European market. The sale report of UK’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday from Bing shows that categories of Apparel, Beauty&Personal Care, Home&Garden, Internet&Telecom, Occasion&Gift, and Sport & Fitness have an obvious increase in click during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

                   Data comes from Bing
Tip 3 Suggestions for products to sell
1、Better to sell products between $15-$100
According to some researches, products that sell more than $50 are out of the scope of impulsive consumption. Besides, products under $15 usually have a high competition and low profits.
2、Better to sell products that are less than 18 inch and 5 pounds.
Volume and weight have a great effect on product cost.
3、Better to sell products shipped from the country where you sell to
During such a shopping carnival, orders reach the summit. Usually, many sellers will have the problem of shipment. Due to the logistics come to the peak, many packages stuck on the way. Using ShopMaster’s feature of importing products with a special ship from country and shipment method will get drop shippers out of the dilemma.

Import products with a specific country and shipment method with ShopMaster
Tip 4 Warning for drop shipping in the busy season.
1、Be careful of the infringing product if the sale channel has a rule of the patent.
Avoid selling those products that are obviously infringing if you are not authorized. USPTO Trandmarks and EUIPO-eSearch can help you to judge the product whether is infringed or not.
2、Keep watching out the price and inventory of supplier. In the busy season, especially in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, supplier changes the price quickly and the inventory is also not steady. Many drop shippers will meet this problem which causes either losing money orders or no inventory orders. In this case, they have to cancel the orders and then customer complaint rate rise and index of the store has been affected badly. Usually, ShopMaster can ease the severe outcome by its price& inventory monitor feature.
Now you must have some ideas in your mind about how to get sale boom during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s never too late to boost your Black Friday deal. Using ShopMaster to list in bulk and get listings to sale right now.
Enjoy your profits,
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