ShopMaster vs Oberlo vs Dropified – Which Is the Best for You

This is detailed market research on dropshipping tools to help dropshippers find the best suitable dropshipping tool. Here I picked 3  dropshipping tools: ShopMaster, Oberlo, Dropfied. All of them are great tools to automate and simplify dropshippers’ workflow and boost dropshipping productivity.  However, there are big differences between Oberlo and Dropified and ShopMaster you must know before choosing one.

I’ll try to compare these tools by covering all the major aspects. I’m sure that you will find the best profitable dropshipping tool for yourself after this article.

  1. Channels &Suppliers
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Features to Use
  4. Cost for Value

Before talking more, you can have a look at the chart that compares ShopMaster, Oberlo, and Dropified from detailed aspects. 

( * Dropified provides a 14-day free trial )


Now, let’s VS!

1. Channels &Suppliers

Channels and suppliers should be key factors to consider.  You need to find the one which supports the channels you drop ship to and the suppliers you want to source from. It even a factor that affects you to use the tool to expand your business in the future. Turning to another tool is a killing thing!

ShopMaster, Oberlo, and Dropified all support dropshipping from Aliexpress to Shopify. But there is a little difference you must know. Oberlo only supports dropshipping from Aliexpess to Shopify. ShopMaster and Dropified support more channels and suppliers. Besides, ShopMaster is the first official dropshipping partner of Aliexpress and supports place order through API which will be much steady and efficient.

2. Easy to Use




Personally speaking, I think it will be much easier to get started with ShopMaster and Oberlo. Almost one or two hours, you are skilled to manage your dropship business. As to Dropified, you’d better get serious training officially if you want to get started quickly.

3. Features to Use

# Import Product to store

All the 3 tools support import products by copying product URL and by free extensions. Especially,  ShopMaster supports bulk import. You can import 100+ products by one-click with ShopMaster by copying the category URL. However, Oberlo and Dropified only support import products one by one.

# Order Fulfillment

ShopMaster, Oberlo, and Dropified all support auto-fulfillment and auto- sync tracking number. With ShopMaster, you can full auto fulfill orders by just one-click. Up to 300 orders can be fulfillen by one-click. With Oberlo and Dropified,  the process is semi-auto by the extension, which requires dropshippers to click according to the process to place an order by extension.

ShopMaster supports auto-fulfillment for Aliexpress, Banggood, Chinabrands.  Semi-auto for Amazon.  The auto-sync tracking number feature is available for these 4 suppliers for free too. Sync tracking numbers to store without any clicks.

Oberlo supports auto-fulfillment for Aliexpress and you need pay for the auto-tracking number feature if you want to apply it.

Dropified has no free plan, all its features include these two need to subscribe to its plan. Of course, you can have a try for a 14-day free trial.

4. Cost for Value

Finally, it goes to what really matters — the price! Which is the perfect one that is most useful to our dropship business while the best cost for value? Now, let’s compare their price.


Forever Free Starter Plan — Import 800 listings for free, variation supported.  And manage 100 orders every month, 2 sale channels and all its feature such as price & inventory monitor, auto-fulfillment and auto-sync tracking numbers are unlimited to use except the staff account and Banggood supplier API.

Basic Plan — Cost for $19.90 /mo.  Manage 2,500 listings and  500 orders, 2 sale channels and all its features.

Business Plan — Cost for $39.90 /mo. Manage the listing for 18000 and orders for 3000, all sale channels and all its features

Enterprise Plan — Cost for $79.90 /mo. Up to 100 stores allow being connected. Manage all your Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce & Wish stores in one account. Monitor 30,000 listings as you can.


Free Plan — Manage product for 500 and orders for 50 every month. You are unlimited to all its features except auto-tracking numbers and staff account.

Basic plan — Cost for $29.90 /mo. Manage product for 10000 and orders for 500. You are unlimited to its all feature except staff account.

Pro Plan — Cost for $79.90 /mo. You can manage products for 30,000 and unlimited to use its other features.


No free plan but you can start with a 14-day free trial.

Builder Plan — Cost for $47 /mo. You are limited to connect 1 store but unlimited to use its other features

Premier Plan — Cost for $127 /mo. You can connect 5 stores and unlimited to use its other features.


Conclusion— ShopMaster vs Oberlo vs Dropified

I believe that you guys are well learned about these 3 dropshipping tools after comparing them from those 4 aspects. You must have ideas in your mind about which is best and profitable for you. Now here is your way to your favorite one: 

* Go for ShopMaster

* Go for Oberlo

* Go for Dropified

Happy dropshipping


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