How Dropshippers to Prepare for China Public Holidays in 2019

China New Year holiday is coming. The national holidays are from 4 Feb to 10 Feb, but usually, people will be on holiday before a week of this time and back to work around Feb 15th. Suppliers and logistics companies stop working. That means they stop working for about 20 days! Now dropshippers are busy with hiding their listings that import from Chinese suppliers. Of course, not only for China New Year holiday, there are many other holidays that dropshippers should care.

Product inventory will be a problem that bothers dropshippers most, as many of their products imported from China. But if you sell products that shipped from other countries’suppliers such as the US, it will be a great chance for you to boom your sales. Why? Because many of your competitors are out of stock now!

What Dropshippers Should Do to Avoid Being Affected?

Actually, you don’t need to worry about so much for these holidays except China New year Holidays and National Day Holiday, which are long holidays.

3 steps make you dropship easier during the holiday time.

Step1: Contact your suppliers for the details about their arrangement of holidays in advance. (Time of holidays, the arrangement of order management and shipment during holidays, when back to normal etc.)

Step2: For your hot selling China-shipped products, you can purchase some inventories by yourselves. Be seriously making an estimation of the sales during this period according to your previous data. And confirmation of your time to receive the good is necessary to consider. If you think this is too risky, you can try to import and sell some native shipped products quickly by ShopMaster’s bulk import feature.

Step3: Set your stores to a “Holiday Mode” or hiding products until the holidays over. When holidays over and your suppliers come back to work, relist and sell the products again.

a. For eBay seller, you can log in your account and go to My eBay> Messages> click ‘Change Setting’ on the right top side, choose “out of office email response”, and then turn it on.

b. For Wish sellers: log in your account and click “Account> Settings> Holiday Mode, then all your products will be in “sold out” status in 1 hour.

c. For Shopify&WooCommerce sellers. You can choose all your China shipped products out and hide them. If you dropshipping with ShopMaster, it only takes a few minutes to finish it by hiding in bulk. When holidays over, you can relist them from the Hidden listing in bulk in minutes.

Another way for Shopify sellers: Turn to holiday mode. Go to Settings>Account> Store Status to pause store or close store until the holidays over.

Anyway, making full preparation in advance, adjusting your dropshipping business according to the actual situation. You will move forward smoothly. Hope a smooth business to everyone and happy new year!

ShopMaster Team

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