8 dropshipping winning products to sell for Valentine’s Day 2019

In this article, I’m going to share you with some winning products to dropship and useful marketing skills on Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is 13 days away. Many dropshippers choose to close their stores or end their products due to China New Year Holidays. According the statistics, American total consumption on Valentine’s Day was 19.6 billion dollars in 2018. Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days which boost the sales. Now, get yourself ready with me.

8 Dropshipping Winning Products Reconmended

1. Heart Necklaces

For most women, jewelry is one of their best loves. No one can resist the elegant jewelry which can make them more beautiful in life. Rose Gold Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver will be the best gift for her. This heart necklace ranks 13 in Amazon’s category of Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry > Women > Jewelry within months. Two heart design with silver and rose gold make the necklace look more elegant. The shape of the heart is the best symbol of love. Besides heart necklaces, rings, bracelets will also be good choices to consider. These are perfect gifts ideas not only for girlfriend or wife, they can also be sent to all women such as Mom, daughter etc.

2. Couple Two Hoodies

Couple hoodies are the perfect gift for Him/ Her. Especially the classical King & Queen matching hoodies with eye-catching red and black colors makes couples impressed in the crowd. Couples not only can give their loving spouse on Valentine’s Day, but also use it for everyday gift ideas.

3. Decorations that create Valentine’s Atmosphere

Valentine’s Day Hanging Swirl Decorations ranks good and keep continually upward trend on Amazon since it listed. They add a few shimmering swirls of romance to Valentine’s Day party. There are many other different decorations for you to consider. Besides of Hanging Decorations, candles, lights can also good to sell.

4. Audio Speakers

What makes a Valentine’s evening with romantic atmosphere? The most essential product will be home audio speakers. Audio speakers always sell good in American and most European counties. Spending the evening with pleasure music around should be added to most couples’ to- do– list for Valentine’s Day. Here are some new released styles on Amazon with good ranks. May be you can take a look.

5. Bath Bomb

Bath salt ball always sell good and is a healthy product for bathing in a bathtub. The fresh and elegant fragrance makes the skin feel relaxed and comfortable. A box of bath bomb with elegant wrap will be a healthy and price worthy gift for her.

6. Gift Cards

Gifts cards for Valentine’s Day, which is a necessary and regular consumer demand in this period. Here are some newest and popular styles on Amazon for you to refer to.

7. Beard trimmer

Gift for him is the part that dropshipper should pay much their attention on. The majority online shopping is women. During this period, the search of gift for him increases rapidly. To women, beard trimmer set should be a ideal gift for her loving spouse. This beard trimmer set performs good on Amazon, which ranks 493 in the category of Beauty & Personal Care in 60 days. Besides beard trimmer, other personal care products, electronic, wallets, ties and watches can be also taken into consideration.

8. Pet Valentine Gift

Except for the spouse, families, friends, coworkers, they will buy pet gifts on Valentine’s Day. According to NRF report on 2018 Valentine’s Day, consumption on pets ranks 4, which before the coworkers and mainly focused on dog and cat suppliers. Pet grooming, pet toys, Collars, Harnesses & Leashes are with element of Valentine’s Day should be hot sell during this period.

Marketing skills boost your sale on Valentine’s Day

  • Add Valentine-related keywords to listing title to get more traffic. Here are some keywords with high search volume that you may consider to use:
  • Set up a Valentine theme page

A unique Valentine theme page is good for creating atmosphere for the customers. They can learn what all you sell especially for Valentine’s Day and increase the chance of placing orders.

  • EDM- Email Direct Marketing

Send customers email about your promotion information for Valentine’s Day in advance.

Happy dropshipping


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