【Craftsman series】HormelHormel smoked belly 120g Bacon ingenuity students*5Includes breakfast pizza.


Production license No.: SC10411053711175 factory name: Beijing hemer Food Co., Ltd. Factory address: No. 670 manufacturer, Shun Huang Road, Sun River Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, contact no. 4008215224 Batching table: see packing storage method: see packing Shelf life: 180 days net content: 600g Packaging: Packaging Brand: Hormel/Hormel Selling mode: origin of single product: Mainland China Province: Zhejiang City: Jiaxing City Set meals: 1 party cycle: 1 weeks

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Production license number: sc 10410571175manufacturer name: Beijing hormel food co., ltd. address: contact information of the manufacturer No. 670, linhuang port, shun Huang road, sunhe township, Chaoyang district, Beijing: 4008215224 ingredient list: see packaging storage method: see packaging shelf life: 180 days net content: & nbsp; 600 g packing method: & nbsp; Packaging brand: & nbsp; Hormel/荷美尔 售卖方式: 单品 产地: 中国大陆 省份: 浙江省 城市: 嘉兴市 套餐份量: 1人份 套餐周期: 1周